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Trump derangement syndrome at its finest. Enjoy the next 4 years !!


Great read, excellent insight to trumps first 36 months in office. Scary how such an unhinged immoral person was able to land the highest office of the nation. After reading the book, I am less angry at trump but rather the fealty of the Republican Congress. Trump has a long track record of being completely unhinged and self absorbed. Amazing that so many republicans have become pliant spineless sycophants. It’s the Joseph McCarthy era in replay.


Top book...

Old timer ny

This well written and engrossing book is meticulously documented and backed up by hundreds of witnesses to the den of corruption that is now the White House. America needs to kick this amoral clown to the curb and restore integrity to the White House, and the country. The one star, one line reviews here are clearly written by Trump lemmings that didn’t even read the book.


Anti Trump propaganda

cewy the wookie


Smarty Smart Smarts

Don’t waste your money on this liberal fantasy.

not Bolten

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