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In looking back at my reviews for the previous books in the Hot Jocks series by author Kendall Ryan, I have to smile. It seems that each successive book about these sexy and talented hockey players is my favorite one of the series, and CROSSING THE LINE is no exception. Asher's and Bailey's story is a sweet and sexy friends-to-lovers read that gave me exactly what I wanted, and left me smiling. All of the guys in these books have that sweet side hidden behind their sexy, sweaty, hockey-playing exteriors, but Asher's goes even a bit deeper. His love of family and pretty quickly evolving realization that he's more than ready to put away his fast-living playboy ways to focus on a relationship with Bailey make him one of my favorite Ice Hawks of them all. That Bailey is written as a successful and self-aware woman is a definite plus for me. She knows what she wants and isn't afraid to go after it, although she's a little bit more of a hard sell in the relationship department than I was expecting. Between the hecka chemistry and the real friendship that she and Asher share, there's just no way that love won't win. CROSSING THE LINE is a sweet and sizzling read that warmed my romance-loving heart. And, although teammates and friends from earlier books make their appearances, it can be read as a standalone, and will delight, no matter what. If this series isn't already on your TBR, it should be... ❤️


This book was great, I couldn’t put it down. Asher was a tough alpha male on the ice with his hockey team. But after his injury and a week at his grandmothers home with his whole family and Bailey as she takes care of his injury. She starts to see a whole other side to asher . This is a Must Read book The bonus from Kendall in Ashers word we’re great.

Ms. Jessie

A really fantastic love story with a great story line. I enjoyed this book so much and so will all of you. Love Kendall Ryan’s books!!! A sweet and sexy read !! Christine R.


This is the fourth book in Kendall Ryan’s Hot Jock Series and it is incredible. Each book is it own standalone story. This is Asher and Bailey’s story. Asher and Bailey are in the same friend group but have never spent one on one time together until Bailey volunteers to be injured Ashers doctor so he can go home to celebrate his Grandmother’s birthday. They feel very comfortable with each other and realize they have very sizzling chemistry. I loved this story and the characters! This book is filled with heart and heat!


Bailey is getting ready to start her residency. When hot, injured hockey player Asher needs help she can’t resist going with him. Great chemistry and romance. I liked how Asher was not the player he seemed. A perfect alpha with a soft squishy center. Bailey was assertive and knew what she wanted. Asher’s crazy family was a great setup for the story. Wonderful continuation of the Hot Jock series!!!


Fun, sexy and fabulous friends to lover’s romance. Bailey’s life is very focused as she works to become a doctor. Asher finds himself in need of medical supervision while he recovers from a concussion and groin injury to be able to visit his family in California. Step in Bailey with a break before her residency to help out. Now, these two have been circling each other when they get together with their friends but neither has been willing to show how they really feel. Being at Asher’s grandmother’s, there is a lot of meddling which is so much fun from his mother, grandmother and sister’s which makes it harder for Asher to resist. Bailey gets to see the softer side to Asher after really only knowing him for his hockey playing. She finds herself unable to resist his charming and sexy moves. The real challenge, what happens when the vacation is over? Will Bailey realize she can balance a relationship with her medical dreams? I loved this couple with all the sexual innuendos and banter, which gave me a beautiful romance to devour.


This series just keeps getting hotter! Loved Asher and Baileys story


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